Selected moments of Jake as army vet Will Griffin in Thoughts and Prayers, an original play about gun violence

Jake performing a wedding ceremony in Sayulita, Mexico in 2018

Jake Commercial Spot for Disney Magical Dice!

2017 Trump Resistance Workout Sketch

Jake in the Buzzfeed Video original "College in 59 Seconds"

Dramatic Reel 2017

Jake in Sam Tsui's "Secret" Music Video

Original sketch brought to you by Flerp Productions

Original Funny or Die sketch brought to you by Cashmere Sweater Comedy

Jake in the Buzzfeed Video original "Things Nobody But Your Mom Can Say"

Comedic Reel 2017

Dramatic Reel - Intense 

Survivor: An Original Scripted Scene From the December 2015 Actor's Comedy Studio Showcase

Comedic Reel - Multiple Clips

First Installment of "Top 40 in Real Life"

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